AI for 2019

Ella Barnett | December 2018

It’s that time of the year again here everyone is analysing the possibilities of the upcoming year.

Predicted trends for 2019 are everywhere, from fashion to tech, from design to the economy, everyone is predicting what we can expect from 2019.

One recurring theme is the role that AI will be playing. Or should I say roles (plural). Many roles. All the roles!

Artificial Intelligence – or AI – has been steadily growing in both intellect and in acceptability. AI encompasses a variety of forms including autonomous robots, digital assistants, neurocomputers, embedded systems and expert systems. For a deeper look into AI, you can check out the Emerj AI Overview from 2018. Microsoft reports that businesses expect AI to have a positive impact on growth, productivity, innovation and job creation in their country and industry

The increase of data alongside a heightened understanding of the possibilities that data provides, is what is setting AI in its stride. But don’t freak out too much – increased data security is also a common theme. So, companies will know more about you, but offer you increased protection for that knowledge.

And it’s not just data that AI is helping. Chatbots are on the rise in the retail and banking industries. 66% of US adults use voice assistants or chatbots to help them complete tasks, with 21% using them for economic purposes.

In fact, LinkedIn’s Isabelle Roughol reported that AI will soon be in “every industry and every job”. Her rundown of the 50 Big Ideas for 2019 includes this:

We asked 200 LinkedIn Top Voices about their Big Idea for 2019; one in four mentioned some application of AI, from parsing evidence in medical research to… helping surfers spot the best wave. Six of the 15 hot emerging jobs of the past year — which LinkedIn will unveil on Thursday — relate to AI, while AI skills are the fastest-growing on our platform, up 190% globally from 2015 to 2017. “While 2018 was the year of AI hype, it feels like we’re at an inflection point where these technologies are being incorporated into more of the tools we use everyday,” says Sharon O’Dea, co-founder of communications consultancy Lithos Partners. “It’s when technology trends start to become invisible that they really make a major impact.”

This is backed up by Microsoft’s finding that 27% of US organizations have already incorporated AI into key processes and services, while another 46% have one or more AI pilot projects under way. AI is effecting from Manufacturing to the Public Sector and there is an increasingly high approval rate among businesses.

So be prepared for AI to become more integrated into your daily life in 2019!