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Looking Away From The Super Bowl

Looking Away From The Super Bowl Ella Barnett In a fairly dreary and disappointing Super Bowl, the ads did not brighten up the day. Taking a fairly traditional and conservative route, most of the ads were not out to make a specific statement – political or otherwise. However there were several exceptions including [...]

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AI for 2019

AI for 2019 Ella Barnett | December 2018 It’s that time of the year again here everyone is analysing the possibilities of the upcoming year. Predicted trends for 2019 are everywhere, from fashion to tech, from design to the economy, everyone is predicting what we can expect from 2019. One recurring theme is [...]

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Why Science Needs Marketing

Why Science Needs Marketing  Jayde Lovell  CBS Los Angeles Just this week, President Donald Trump buried a climate science report because “I don’t believe it”. The report was the National Climate Assessment - a report produced by Trump’s own Administration, with the involvement of 13 Federal Agencies and [...]

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ReAgency Book Club

ReAgency Book Club: Science-Loving Girls! Em Lovell | November 16th, 2018 In my recent adventures around New York museums and bookstores, I’ve been lucky enough to spy some of the most fabulous books! Growing up in the nineties I can fondly remember a favorite book about one very hungry caterpillar. I remember how [...]

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Conten VS Action

Content VS Action Written by Ella Barnett In the science or STEM world, we often sell what we make, instead of who we are. However in the current world of 2018, consumers are buying company values more than products. It’s a trend that science companies have fallen behind on. We need to start [...]

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A New Interface is Gaining Traction

A New Interface is Gaining Traction   Ella Barnett | September 28, 2018 A second tech revolution is on the horizon! The increased development of “hearabales” promises to change the game in communication tech, with some very exciting early applications already in use in the healthcare sector. Allowing for increased face-to-face communication and [...]

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Immersing Science in Media

Immersing Science in Media Ella Barnett | July 30 2018 Lessons from Silbersalz: Continued… So what did I learn at the Silbersalz Conference? I know you’ve all been riveted in suspense since my last post. As a brief recap, science needs to be effectively communicated and we need to utilize the media as [...]

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Friend or Foe? Science and the Media

Friend or Foe? Science and the Media Ella Barnett | July 20, 2018 The world has always relied on science to function. Renewable energy, medical breakthroughs, technology expansion - it’s all science baby! Seriously, science runs the world...from behind the scenes. It is the media that is currently front and center. Media, especially [...]

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The Voice ‘Revolution’

The Voice ‘Revolution’ Ella Barnett, May 29th The Voice Revolution. Or y’know, just the process of reverting back to an interaction that we have been using since we originated as a species. The key difference? This time tech has a voice too. This year (2018) there is an expected increase of 70.6% in [...]

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