Content VS Action

Written by Ella Barnett

In the science or STEM world, we often sell what we make, instead of who we are. However in the current world of 2018, consumers are buying company values more than products. It’s a trend that science companies have fallen behind on. We need to start showing what drives us, what we represent, what we value. A great example of this is Chemours and their partnership with Ogilvy.

For those of you who don’t know who Chemours are, they are a new (originated 2015) chemical company that are a spinoff from DuPont. They have branded themselves as a ‘new’ chemical company, a ‘different’ kind of chemical company, who are corporately responsible, have ‘unshakable integrity’, ‘safety obsessed’ and ‘customer centered’. They are ‘Living Chemistry’, and they are nailing this branding! By partnering up with PR and Advertising giant Ogilvy, the focus of their advertising content is less about their product, but instead about their mission. Getting people to understand how chemistry is crucial part of everyday life.

Their ads are fun, engaging and interesting. Yes, interesting. And not just to adults, but to a wide range of ages. They aim to teach you something you didn’t know with a rhyming song, cartoons and some sparky wit. Think things like Noble Gases, Metals or other periodic table elements, plus other factors like women in science and ‘forgotten inventors’.

However, the one thing they haven’t quite managed to nail is create impact with these ads. The periodic table ads were screened in National Chemistry Week, and while nice, their views seem low for the ads potential. It would be amazing to see them partner – with schools, science centers, or even groups like 500 Women Scientists  – to actually be able to communicate their content to a receptive audience and facilitate a new way to learn about chemistry. Their videos recognizing women in STEM and forgotten inventors are amazing! But what is the point if they won’t promote it to enough people to drive an impact? To change their perspective? To educate them?

Content creation is only half the battle. Promotion and partnerships are essential to actually drive the impact and action that Chemours appears to want. If you’re going to try to create change, you need to go all in! People buy what you are, not what you’re trying to be.

PS. I do want to point out, that although Chemours may have fallen short with these adverts, they are not in other areas. They have just announced a 3 year scholarship for students who want to study STEM at College but do not have the funding to do so. This is action we want to see more of!