Jayde Lovell

Jayde is a communications director with a dual background in public relations and science. She is currently host of ScIQ, the science show on The Young Turks Network, based at YouTube Studios in New York City. Jayde also directs video news production at the New York Hall of Sciences, and in 2015 was a winner of “The Next MacGyver” television production competition by the National Academy of Engineering.
After studying neuroscience as an undergraduate and earning a Masters degree in Science Communications at the University of Melbourne, Jayde was recruited as Vice President of Digital for Weber Shandwick, the world’s largest PR agency. After seeing how easily science could be misused for profits, she decided her career was in need of a change.

Her first major move was to New York City, where she founded ReAgency, a science public relations firm, with the vision to work exclusively with science and information-based clients. In just two years she has built a client list that includes the Tyler Prize for Environmental Science, NASA, Academic Ventures Exchange, and the American Institute of Physics.

Jayde was named in Anthill’s ’30 Under 30,” has appeared with President Obama at SxSW in Austin, Texas, lectured on science marketing at NYU & Yale, has given speeches to Google and YouTube, and hosted live TV at Harvard University.

She is also the founding co-partner of Story Circles Narrative Training along with Dr. Randy Olson, author of three books on science communication. Their clients include USDA, the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Genentech and Roche Pharmaceutical.