ReAgency Book Club: Science-Loving Girls!

Em Lovell | November 16th, 2018

In my recent adventures around New York museums and bookstores, I’ve been lucky enough to spy some of the most fabulous books! Growing up in the nineties
I can fondly remember a favorite book about one very hungry caterpillar. I remember how much a storybook and its imagery can penetrate your heart and
mind. So I was over the moon to discover the children of today have a plethora of gorgeous and inspiring STEM and science stories to light up their minds and get
their spirits glowing.

Here are two literary gems—showcasing actual female protagonists—which I am definitely taking back home to my nieces in Australia:

‘Women In Science’
This first one is a New York Times best seller and won Best Science Book of the Year from BrainPickings, so you know it’s good. Women in Science by Rachel
Ignotofsky is one of the most exciting science communication projects for youngsters (or any female) I’ve seen in recent years. This exquisitely illustrated
book (and postcard series) makes long strides in science education, sharing 50 tales of remarkable women engineers, biologists, mathematicians, doctors,
astronauts, physicists, and more!

The book also communicates science industry topics via infographics, discussing rates of women currently working in STEM fields, lab equipment, and an
illustrated scientific glossary. We love science storytelling and this stunning collection is jam-packed with inspiring stories to inspire dreams.

‘Little Feminist’ –
Little Feminist is a set of four board books for little ones, by Emily Kleinman.
This tiny library comprises four board books, each containing four leading women throughout history in each category of artists, leaders, activists and pioneers. Fun and colorful images by Lydia Ortiz make these profiles fun for
youngsters whilst they learn about awesome ladies who made great change in our world. (Shout out to featuring OG female science hero, Marie Curie, who did so much for public awareness of science and the role of females in the lab.) This sweet little collection instills a mindset of female achievement and ‘I can’ from
day dot.Note: There is an awesome ‘Little Scientist’ edition, featuring both male and female scientists across astronomers, physicists, chemists, and earth and life
scientists! The series has been adapted to a puzzle and a playing card set!

To see a great list of other books for girls interested in science and STEM, check out this list, with great age-appropriate finds: